We are a global multicultural casting agency operating on word-wide cine-tv market. Founded by Kim Bikila, Malcolm X Casting is now operating in New Zealand.

We are searching for actors and actresses of all ages who have striking features and extraordinary looks of all kinds.  Those who have no problem with their “differences”

Allow YOUR difference to MAKE a difference in film, TV, commercials or photo shoots by professionals from around the world.

We are not looking for “normal” or conventional beauty, but rather that 1% of the population which stands apart from the rest.  People who realise that their beauty lies not within the confines of any society’s definition, but in their personal acceptance of the fact that they are unique and are comfortable and proud of who they are.

Your unconventional looks can be just what some forward-thinking director, producer or marketing exec needs to turn a nondescript project into a goldmine.

Your look is your POWER!

Be it your ethnicity, your appearance or whatever may be perceived as a “short-coming” in “conventional” terms, it could be considered a treasure in artistic terms.

In a global movie market, we here at Malcolm X casting NZ promote talent of all races, creeds, ethnicities, and looks (regardless of the status quo) under the banner:


If you have something unique to show, we want to hear from you!

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